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We are an award winning team with 25+ years experience serving the Greater Toronto Area. View our current listings and let us help find your perfect home today!

Allow us to help make your journey easy and hassle. We provide our valued clients with helpful resources to ensure they make the right decisions.

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Fluent in many languages including English, Farsi, Korean, Cantonese &
Mandarin; our team is here to discuss how we can best assist you with your real estate needs.



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It is our goal as your full service real estate representatives in Toronto to provide you with superior service at all times. We want to go above and beyond to help you find your dream home. With 25+ years experience serving the Greater Toronto Area, let us take this journey together.



“We selected Eli & Bella team because of the marketing job they did in selling their homes. I found your communication and availability to be the top notch. their knwoledge of repairs have been invaluable and saved me from making an offer that i would have regretted.”
                                                 ~Afshin & Leila

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Eli Bakhtiari
Sales Representative, Interior Designer
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Bella Lee
Broker/Developer (Builder)
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